a few months ago my boyfriend broke up.  we didn’t talk to each other for days.  he started being friends with all my closest friends knowing that it would destroy me inside, but unfortunately for him the little “stunt” he tried to pull didn’t work, or atleast i’m trying convince myself that it didn’t get to me that much, not really sure about my emotions at that time because i was hurt and yet angry at him and everyone that was close to him.  we were planning a family together and even got engaged for 8 months, but i broke off the engagement when i found out that he was playing “daddy” on his other girl friend’s son.

on march the 26th, my friend and i decided to go out for some drinks- but when we got to the resturant, i just felt like having a mango juice. but after a few sips i started throwing up.  i didn’t understand what was going on because i loved mango juice and iv never thrown up after drinkin it.  i decided to go back to my flat because i was miserable and disgusted because my ex boyfriend-Fiance was also there. 
the next day, i went to the chemist and bought a pregnancy test and it tested positive.  i thought maybe it was just a mistake.  i bought another one and it also test positive and that’s when i realized my life has changed!  I WAS PREGNANT!!!
my friend told my ex boyfriend and he told me to abort the baby because he couldn’t afford to have a kid with a b**** like me.

that really broke my heart and i wanted to get an abortion asap but i couldn’t.  i just couldn’t kill an innocent soul just to please someone who probably doesn’t even care about me.  besides that, i am a christian.

out of all the bad things that i went through in my previous relationship, atleast i got something good out of it.  some thing that makes me smile and something that is definately worth living for, MY BUNDLE OF JOY!!!

I love my baby girl to bits and nothing in this world will ever change that.  i am 18 weeks pregnant now and its been the greatest 18 weeks of my life, dispite all the morning sicknesses and other horrible first trimester symptoms.  
i’ll be graduating in 2013 if all goes well and i’m doing all of this because of angel.  i want whats best for her, like any mother would.  even though sometimes i get lonely and wish her father was around to share these wonderful moments with him, but that doesn’t bother me anymore. Its his loss and not mine.

knowing that there is a life growing inside of you makes you look at life differently.  it makes you appreciate the things that you thought they don’t matter, while in actual fact, they do matter even though we choose to ignore them.

i am proud to say i didn’t let anyone bring me down about this pregnancy and that i didn’t abort this lil angel inside of me.

to all the girls out there, don’t let anyone get to you because you pregnant and vulnerable.  bringing a new life in this world is the most wonderful thing one could ever experience.  listen to your heart and do what is right for you and your baby. XOXOXO