ok I am 27 weeks pregnant and all my boyfriends parents do is stress me out its like ok people give me opinions and i think about whether or not to do what they say or not but his parents voice their opinions to me and if i dont do it then they keep pushing and stressing me out just so i have no choice but to give in..My boyfriend says he tries to tell them to stop but i dont think he does he adds on to it with them by telling his dad bout problems we have, then his dad calls me to yell at me for being a jerk to him when it wasnt just my fault…my boyfriend wants me to trust him and tell him things but everything i tell him he runs off and tells his dad what i said and im the one getting an ear full because of it….does anyone know how i can stop getting stress due to his parents and him cuz im lost and got no one to go to that can help me!!!!!!!!