i am 17 years old and 6 months pregnant.  i am a senior and going to school trying to get my life back in order. my boyfriend at the time broke up with me in April when i concieved.  i didnt know i was pregnant and i talked to my friend and she made me get a test but i knew i wasnt pregnant. it couldnt happen to me. i was at my friends house and went home becuse i had to watch my little brother. i took the test and it came out positive. i cried and i didnt know how to tell my ex boyfriend i hadnt talked to in 2 1/2 months. when i finally talked to him he was so happy and it made me feel better. well when i went to the doctor she asked me what i wanted to do about my pregnancy. i wasnt sure if i was ready to have a baby but i defintely knew i wasnt going to kill her.  i feel in love with her once i saw her on the first ultrasound. i get support from both sides of the families and it was the best decision to keep my baby.