i found out i was pregnant october of 2008.at first everything was crazy, i was scared but i knew i was going to keep him. by boyfriend had just entered the army and was leaving for basic training soon, up untill then he went to my doctors appointment with me. everything was going great!

i first felt my little boy move the day i turned 17 weeks. i was so happy i called everbody! 20 weeks came around and i got a little worried, my baby always moved so much and i didnt feel him all day! so i scheduled a doctors appointment, i knew in my heart something wasnt right.

the doctor did and ultrasound and said there was a little fluid on his brain but that could go away just as soon as it came. he said dont worry but he made me an appoointment with a specialst for the following week.

all the was up there i was so scared. i was in the car with my mom so i didnt say to much, i didnt want to worry her. i went back there and layed on the bed as soon as she put the ultrasound to my stomach and i seen her face i knew by little boy wasnt here anymore.

she told me she couldnt say anything she had to get the doctor, an when he cam in he just confirmed what i already knew, there was no heartbeat.

he following day i gave birth to him. he was beautiful! but, so tiny.

they told me the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.


we buried him. but to this day i always feel like hes here! i love him so much and the only thing that gets me through everyday is the fact i know when i go to heaven god will hand me my baby boy and ill raise him like im supposed to