Lets just say it all began six years ago. Im now thirteen years old and the only good thing I have in my life is my boyfriend and his family. I never really had any support from anyone in my family except for my mother. Everyone else put me as a second thought including my father and the rest of my family! They treated me as if i wasn’t even there and everything else came first. I was

only seven years old when my mother passed away and it was about the worst thing I think I could of ever expieranced.


Even though i was only seven years old i had already pretty much lived a living hell. Things just kept getting worse, but it went from where my parents were both drug atticts to one passing away and the other one being in jail consistintly. I had a very hard life and it went from bad to worse.

I moved in with my grand-mother after the passing away of my mother occured. Things went well for a while I guess but as soon as I turned ten or eleven things became even worse for me. I was living a very abusive life and it seemed as if no body was there for me and everything became my fault. No matter what I did it was always wrong and still to this day it is. I bottled everything up inside just hopeing it would go away but instead i was just causing more pain for myself. The emotional abuse was just growing and growing and it felt like I couldn’t do a single thing right.

Basically after everything I did, I would either get yelled and screamed at or be hit and punched. My grand-mother isn’t one of those old grandma’s you’d think of, shes only 50 something and still believes shes 20 years old. Everynights another party for her and another bar to go to. I still clean up after her and still get abused. Nothings changed as things seem to now just get worse and worse.

Since im only thirteen theres not much I can do. At the beggining of this story I said the only good thing in my life is my boyfriend and his family. Well about eleven months ago we started dating and it completly changed my life. Hes sixteen years old and im thirteen but its us against the world. He completes my life and I wouldn’t ask for anything more. Hes such a nice guy and does everything for me, as if I were to be a princess and I couldn’t thank him enough.

Since we’ve been dating we’ve always talked about having children together but perhaps later on in the future, but that didn’t happen. We talked alot and came to a conclusion of how we wanted a son or daughter and we wanted them now! But if your reading this and are commenting saying your a whore or slut then please don’t continue reading it because I dont want to hear any negativity towards him or I.

Now I believe im pregnant due to every single symptom and a missed period and we are now waiting for the blood test to give us the accurate positive. We went to talk to someone about this whole situation from the passing away of my mom, to the abuse at home, and now the pregnancy. I think it was such a good choice to talk to someone and finally let it all out to someone else besides my boyfriend who I know will listen. If it turns out to be a positive which theres no way it wont I believe i’m about a month in and am so excited.

I can’t wait to hear the doctor come in and say congradulations your going to be a mommy because this is all i’ve dreamed of and then giving birth to him or her and hearing their first cry. Im so excited and shocked but im looking forward to seeing them grow up and living a new life, where I know i’ve done something right and am a good mother to my children.

Since no one else has ever been there for me but him and his parents it feels like im just another person in this world even to my own family. This is what put the thought in my head of having a baby because i know he or she will be treated right. This baby will completly change our life’s and even though its a huge responsibility I know him and I can take it on.

Both him and his parents are very supportive people! & I know he will be the most amazing father ever and i will deffinitly be the best mother i can be to my child.

Now to the other young girls who are reading this, pregnant or trying, maybe even not, and its just a thought in your head! Well remember just because your younger doesn’t make you any less or worse of a parent then being older. It doesn’t make you any less of a person either and even though i’ve already gotten comments from people who I thought were my friends calling me sluts and what not, it doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters now is you and your family! So forget the negativity and just look towards the positives.

Good luck girlies!