O my sweet love, you are outh there somewhere,

  on the wings of an angel,

you have been placed in your mothers tummy

You don't know it yet,

but you are loved by so many

Your mother fights for your life,

a fight she will not lose

“>abortion she will not allow

she knows you're alive.

She may not be ready or able to give all that you need,

but she loves you enough to do the best that

she knows how

She will meet a couple that will love not only you,

but her as well.

With open arms she is invited,

to enjoy your life and share in your love.

Her hurt few will know,

Her courage; a glorious show!

Tears will fall

both of sadness and joy

but your life is worth it all.

You will have two mothers,

one, an angel on earth,

the other a soul filled with love and hope,

praying for your life.

As such is a beautiful opera

your first cry,

we all await

you are tiny right now,

but you are strong,

You are My Angel, You are My Hope,

You are my lifes opera.