After to reading so many and amazing and inspiring stories i finally plucked up the courage to share mine. About 2 years ago I saw an old friend of my older brothers who I hadnt seen for years. I had a party the next day and he came with a friend of mine. We got talking and exchanged numbers and he went back home about 4 hours away but we stayed in contact. one thing led to another and i ended up leaving my job, family and friends to move away to be with him. He already had 2 children to 2 different mothers and he told me he left the mother of the second child 6 months before i moved down. I cam down to find out she had moved out the day before i came down. He was so sweet and loving for the first 2 months then he turned abusive and became dependant on me for everything.I used to find other girls underwear in the bed and i was constantly verbally abused by certain members of his family and his ex. His sister even tried to beat me up and i couldnt hit back at risk of him hurting me. He used to be heavily involved in drugs and was fast returning to that lifestyle and i was following close behind. By 6 months I couldnt afford to pay rent and feed us and support 2 drug habits, so i turned to prostitution. I was only 18 at this stage and at his suggestion it seemed to be the only option. I worked as a prostitue for several months and was heavily involved in drugs, i was on the verge of suicide because of his emotional abuse, which soon turned physical. I was isolated from friends and family and the one couple i was friends with he soon banned me from seeing because he accused me of cheating with the male of the couple. Finally in december he put my hand through a mirror and i needed 10 stitches and he refused to take me to the hospital and i nearly lost my hand. Id had enough everytime i tried to go home to see my family he accused me of running away and leaving him stranded, he alway guilt tripped me into coming back. I plucked the courage to say i was going home, i was going to attend the local music festival. when i got in the car to leave he text me when i was at the end of the driveway telling me not to come home. conveniently my phone broke so i had no contact with him. I was awake for 5 days over the period of the music festival due to a serious drug bender. But luckily during that 5 days i had no contact with my ex and fell into the arms of my brothers best friend who had always been a gentleman to me. He looked after me and gave me a place to stay and supported me while i got sober and tried to get the remainders of my life back from my ex. I got little back but i did Fall madly in love with my current partner. It took me a few months but i had slowed down dramatically with the drugs and was only smoking pot on a weekly occurence, but i had so many debts from my ex i was still a working girl to pay them off. I was away working in march when i found i was pregnant. I had an operation on my cervix when i was 16 which lowered the chance of me falling pregnant significatly. So this was probably it for me. So i was faced with a different question to am i ready for this now? i had to ask myself do i want kids? because it was now or never.
I decided to keep my baby. I instantly stopped working, i havent touch a drug since the day i found out and im at UNI studying business and marketing. I found out a few weeks ago Im having a little boy and my partner and I so happy. He is 110% supportive. I am so lucky to have my little boy he has saved me from of a life of degredation and unhappiness, He is my angel. I have an amazing family on the way. I am so happy with my man and cant wait for the arrival of my little boy!