So yesterday at 1:30 i got my 4D ultrasound done 🙂 it was amazing to be able to see my son with that much detail. 🙂 It was so cute when he yawned while i was getting it done :). My only concern is while i was having the ultrasound done he kept his hand up beside his face the whole time :/ Every ultrasound i have gotten his hand is always there and i am very afraid that his hand may be attached to his face 🙁 I will still love him and all but he would either have to have surgery after he was born or later in life to have it removed from his face 🙁 but then again he could just like his hand there but i am worried that he will be born with his hand attached to his face.  Has anyone else had this thought or problem? Does anyone know if they can tell you before the baby is born if in fact it will be born like that?