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Hi Becky, I am pretty new to your site having only joined today, but I just wanted to say something. I have been reading the stories and testimonials of young women and girls on the site, and it struck me that I was not seeing tales from older “young women”. I am one of these older “young women”; I am 33 years old. I am not American, I hail from a little island in the Caribbean called Trinidad.

I met my baby’s father, Maxwell, (who is not from my country) on the 4th April. Within 3 weeks of meeting him, I was pregnant although I NEVER THOUGHT that I could conceive this quickly. At the moment I happen to be 3 and a half months pregnant for Maxwell and he has left without a backward glance (though he is still in my country) as soon as he was told the news. It was and still is a shocking experience, because one would tend to think that a man in his 30’s may tend to be more mature than when he is 16 or 18. How very wrong an assumption!!!!

I think that even at my age I have really been through the wringer on this one. My first thought was…”abort, abort now, before its too late”. I was 5 weeks pregnant when I found out that I was going to have a baby. I am currently in school full-time doing my Bachelor’s Degree, and since my initial separation, I have moved back into my mom’s house.

So here I am, a student at 33, divorced, unemployed, living in my mom’s home, and pregnant. Of course my first thought was “Nikki, do not complicate your life any further, just abort”!! I did not!

I am 3 and one half months pregnant right now and its not been an easy pregnancy so far. I am diabetic which creates greater complications and I have also been spotting for the past 5 weeks and no doctor nor consultant that I visit can seem to give me an explanation. All they say is that spotting and bleeding happen in 20% of all pregnancies. Thats not exactly a comforting thought!! And let us not forget the bills which keep piling up and being added to on a daily basis! I am just thankful that my mom has seen fit to assist me for the while. My best friend of 19 years, Mel, has also been and keeps on being a tremendous support.

I would have aborted instantly upon finding out. But I stopped and took the time to listen and to pray, and the message that I received was crystal clear. No abortion! From every bad situation in life comes something good, and God has a plan for me and for this life that I am bringing into this world.

So I just want to say that these situations happen to all women, notwithstanding age, country nor creed, and it affects us all alike. What’s different is how we each respond to our individual situations…how we take the bitter with the sweet, and when life hands us a bag of lemons….MAKE LEMONADE…LOL!!!!