I was 17 when i found i was pregnant with my first child Skyler Elizabeth(05-13-07), i was with her father for almost 3 years, when i told him he was going to be a daddy, he left me after 3 months in to my pregnancy!

After that happened, i tried to focus on me and my daughter! Skyler dad hasn’t seen her ever! which makes me think if he wouldn’t have even loved skyler if he stayed.

When i was just turned 18 i found out i was pregnant again with Dylan my baby boy(04-20-08). his daddy stayed up until dylan turned 1, he left he couldn’t handle being a dad to dylan or a step-dad to skyler. Dylan has just turned 2 n skyler just turned 3. i can’t imagine my life with out them both. they walk with smiles which makes me happy.. i wouldn’t have never though at 17 i was gunna to a mommy n still in high school tryin to graduate. Both pregnancy i was in school. belly growin, people didn’t understand why i kept then n not got a abortion when i found out.. i am a Proud to be a Mother!

Now since im 20 now, i can’t picture my life any different. Skyler weighed 9-12 dylan was 7-11, both born 2 weeks before due date. Now i am expecting my 3rd child with my new man i started dating 9 months ago. i am bout 9 weeks now.