StandUpGirl group of girls smile together

 Every girl, every woman, makes mistakes. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, we put the spotlight on our mistake allowing ourselves to feel shame or to feel inferior to others.  But we should turn off the spotlight and only be concerned with whether or not we started making right decisions after our mistakes. No one can change the past.  Not possible.  Can’t happen. We live in the now, and can make the future different than the past. It’s never too late to turn a mistake into an opportunity.

Everyone needs to accept that they are not perfect; therefore, in their past there are going to be blunders. Everyone has these blunders – even the best of us. When you make a mistake the first thing you have to do is accept it, but after that, you have to make the decision to not let the mistake define you. If you make a mistake that you regret you are in good company. There is nothing new under the sun and there is no mistake that you have made that someone else has not already made.

Don’t allow yourself to believe the lies that pop up in your head. “You should never have been so careless”, “You were stupid for having done that”, “She’ll never be my friend if she finds out what I did”. If you have these thoughts you can counteract them with the truth. “I am smart enough”, “Why wouldn’t she want to be friends with me?”, “I made a mistake, but I made the right decision after that.”

Once you have identified the negative thoughts and started to try to replace them with the truth. It’s time to pick up the pieces. It’s never too late to start making right decisions even if you have made a thousand wrong decisions.

Getting pregnant before marriage is a mistake, but that is in the past and it cannot be changed. The present is the only thing that you can control. Ending the life of the person inside of you only adds a mistake to the one you already made. Choosing to parent or choosing adoption are good choices. Even if you made the mistake of having an abortion, it is never too late to start over and decide to wait to have sex until you are married. No matter what you have done there is always an opportunity to do right.

It is never too late to decide that you will remain faithful to your future husband even though you have messed up. So many people, after losing their virginity or having it taken from them feel that there is no longer any point in saving themselves for marriage. This is just a lie. There is always time to save yourself (even if you are engaged). You can make the decision to wait no matter how many people you have had sex with.

Take the spotlight off your past mistakes. Focus on what you can do right now to begin to make positive choices. You can’t live in the past, you must live in the now, but the future has yet to be lived.