Its been over a year since my child’s father left me, yet I know I’m still  not yet over him.He left when I was about  months along with my son Jayden, for his other gf who was also pregnant at the time.( I had NO idea about any of that). From day one I had to do it all on my own, taking Jayden to his appointments, buying him things on my limited budget on my own,everything. It pained me watching them together, him supporting her while I had to work, sometimes getting to school on a few hours of sleep. He wasn’t there for Jayden’s first words or steps. He wasnt there for the christening, wasn’t there for his first birthday party. Yet why am I still feeling hurt? After all that he has and hasn’t done for/to me, why does it still hurt? When I do see him out with his daughter he had with his gf, I cant help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Why did he pick her child over mine? What was wrong with me for him to have left me and be with her? So many questions. I hate that its been so long and I still think about him. Cant wait for these thoughts to go away.