i was on my way home on the bus, and i was having serious abdominal pain i was so scared. and more when i felt like blood was coming from down there, when i got to the actual bus station i called my dad and he sent my stepmom. i was on the phone and i was crying and scared. i remember saying to myself, my baby oh my baby is going to die and its all my fault i let what they were saying at home get to me. i should have been stronger and he would be ok. when my stepmom gottheren took me to the ER they took some tests. and gave me sum medicine for the pain. it wasnt blood but it was very thick mucus. and i was still freakin out n she wasnt being supportive she just keep saying u lost the baby. and i was so mad, i couldnt believe thats she wasnt comforting but so cold to me especially when i am there crying. my exfriend had called me on the ride to the ER and i told her i was on my way to the hospital and she pretty much arrived at the same time did. she held my hand got me to smile, even though the medication pretty much took over me. i slept a lil which was good. my dad finally got there and i said hi and he let me and viki be. the nurse came in and said that as far as the could tell everything was ok. and i was ok to go home with some antibiotics for a uti that the had found. all i rememberhearing was that my baby was ok, and i felt ok a sign of relief. mys tepmom and my dads sister werent very excited that the baby was ok  but i didnt care cuz it was there that it was clear i was the protector of my lil baby..