I was a virgin till i started dating this guy about 6 weeks ago now everything was going great, i lost it to him and then went on the pill didnt feel any different till about 3 weeks ago i started peeing alot more, was hungry all the time, back hurt and my boobs were getting bigger, had a horrible taste in my mouth (which is still there) and i had light bleeding and cramping like i was on my period which had been two weeks before hand. my friend told me i might be pregnant because we were having unprotected sex while i was taking the pill and had been drinking alcohol the same nights. i left it for a week before i went away to my parents place then i told him the night before i left, he got really mad and dumped me for not wanting to abort the baby if i turned out to be pregnant, its now two days away from when im meant to have my period, i havnt taken the pill in almost 2 weeks and i still feel the same can anyone tell me if i am pregnant or not im really confused and worried