I am 15 and in june I had sex with this boy.  Now i feel soooo stupid because  the boy i messed wasnt my boyfriend or nothing , and  he was senior and  was a freshmen. Not that bad but i feel so nasty because we had sex at school in the boys locker room not only that but it got around the school real fas, and let me not forget me and his girlfriend had classes together. So i got to look like hoe with only 2 weeks of school left. And now im confused because  i knew i shouldnt  have  messed with me when  he didnt have a condom and he came at me wit dat I'll pull out bull.i was gon walk away, but when i was about to leave out tha door i heard a teacher so i was stuck in tha locker with him , so when he had found a condom  he put it on and it was wayyyy 2 little, but i let hom have his way anyway.When it was almost ova i felt a big gush and then hepulled out real fast in a panic , i dont know but i think that tha condom broke.Now i think its a chance i could be pregnant, and if!
 i am its nobodys fault but mine. and ill feel really bad because i wouldnt consider anything else but abortion because frst of all im only 15 and especially because i havent talked to him since school got out and i dont have no way of getting in touch wit him.
  please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!