Well my husband is gone for training and will not return home until tuesday. I have just finished dinner with my boys and put olivia in her bouncer. The boys are watching a movie while I check up on some things online. It has been a very rowdy 2 weeks and this mom is ready for a break. Atfer the movie it will be the same as every other night bathtime for the boys while I feed Olivia then read books brush teeth say prayers pick out a nigh night movie and tuck them in. After all that bathe Olivia and get her off to bed so I can hopefully have atleast an hour of time without kids. Sounds so terrible but when my husband has to leave for training Im fine for the first 10 days but then I get upset and tired because taking care of 3 kids 24 hours a day alone is very exhausting, and requires a break every once in a while. I love them all dearly but I am so ready for my husband to get home and help out again. Good thing about the weekend is no getting up at 6am and making breakfast packing lunches getting bookbags ready and zipping out the door to catch the bus. Instead its sleeping in til 8 and then making breakfast and relaxing with my kids. I love them so much. I guess the real reason I feel the need to vent via blog is because it might not be 3 kids for long as I just took a pregnancy test this morning and much to my suprise I saw 2 little pink lines. Crazy as it seems I have an 8, and 5 year old as well as a 5 month old baby. So a new baby is going to be a challange. All my kids are a good 3 to 5 years apart in age, but if I am pregnant again Olivia and this new baby will only be 1 year and a few months apart. So as soon as she gets over being a baby and moves into being a toodler I will have another little one.  There is something to be said about babies I love them very much so. I forgot how much I missed having one as it has been 5 years. Now I remember and it’s not so bad. We did want 5 children before we were 30 so I guess if I am pregnant we will have 7 years to have the last. This is going to be a bright thing for us I can feel it.