Married at 16 – Pregnancy Complications

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Hey my name is alesia im 18 years old :woohoo: i have been married for almost two years and i have a year old little boy, life has not been easy i got pregnant at 16, my husband and i were married for 2 weeks when we fould out lol so technically we were pregnant […]

Hey my name is alesia im 18 years old :woohoo: i have been married for almost two years and i have a year old little boy,
life has not been easy i got pregnant at 16, my husband and i were married for 2 weeks when we fould out lol so technically we were pregnant before we got married but didnt know it
we were rooming with some friends of his i worked arctic circle and he worked at the airportwe were trying to save up money but everytime we got some the roomates took it so we moved out to another friends and that went well for awhile they had a 5 room apartment with 3 married couples and one couple had an 11 month old and was pregnant the other couple had 5 kids all in on bedroom, those kids were the worst kids i have ever met
so naturally i was complaining to a couple friends at work when my manager told me that she needed asomeone to take the other room in her place we would split the rent and she would help us find a place when the tome was right, so we moved to her place when i was about 4 months pregnant, we stayed with her for a couple of months but her son was 3 and not trained to be nice yet so he would repeatively hit me in the stomachew and this kid if you didny know he was 3 you would think he was 5 im dead serious this kid was huge
so i stopped babysitting for her and she got all butthurt and said we had till the end of novenber to move out (it was november 13th when she told us that)we werent really ready but what could we do so we went apartment hunting and found this little cute apartment sigh it took us so much to get that apartment i was 8 months pregnant didnt have a job because of some complications and we were both only 17, finally we got it and things started looking up, we had an apartment my husband had a good job we were having a little boy adn we were saving up
unitl we went to the docors, see in the beginning of my pregnancy i was told i had a bicornut uterus it just means it looks like i have 2 uteruses because theres a thin strip of tissue in the middle of it they said that our son might not survive because they didnt know if the uterus would stretch far enough (of course it did) then when i was about 7 months pregnant they said that he was breeched but it was alright because he still had alittle while to flip over on his own. so we wnt on with our lives we had a babyshower we got everytrhing we needed and more from my whole fmily.
after about a week we went back to the doctors i think it was on the 1st of december and they said that he wasnt flipping over by himself so she had to do it for him we schedualed an apt on the 15th of december decause on that day we would be 37 weeks pregnant, when i went in they put me in one of the labor and delivery rooms saying that doing the flip may put too much stress on the baby and induse my labor… they didnt tell us that when we made the apt!!! i was freaking out!!! so they hooked my up to 2 i.v’s and stuck this gigantic needle in my forarm
to soften up my tummy, this doctor had the longest nails i have ever seen when she started trying to flip him i started bawling it was the worst pain i have ever fealt (i stil say it was worse than contractions) she tried for about 45 minutes it fealt like years and she didnt get any success my son was too stuborn so we schedualed a c section on the 3nd of january because his normal due date was the 5 th of january, at that time we didnt have a car so we had to take the bus home i couldnt even walk it hurt so bad, i looked like cuazzy modo (how ever you spell it)
on the 17th at midnight i started getting the worst contractions they hurt do bad so we called my sister who said that when the time came she would be there for us… she didnt answet we called everyone and their moms and noone was answering their phone so finally we called my bestfriend and her brother answered the phone i told him what happened and from what they told me afterward he booked ut up the stairs threw open my friends door screaming that i was going into
labor she woke up her mom alittle mor quiet than he did and they agreed to pick me up, when we went outside we couldnt see 2 feet infront of us, we were in the middle of the biggest snow storm, natuarally we were supposed to go to the u of u to have aardel but since it was so far away and it was snowing we went to st. marks when we got there we went through the e.r they couldnt help us told us to go to labor and delivery we have
never been to this hopital so after circling for about 5 minutes we see the HUGE sign reading women pavilian (we figured that was it go figure)
they hooked me up to all sorts of things and and checked my dialation i was at a 2 so they said to relax while they tried to get ahold of my doctor, during the two hours we were completely ignored 3 things happened in the room to the left of us we heard a woman give birth and on the right we heard another woman give birth lol it terrified my husband, the third thing was within that 2 hours i dialated to a 6, oh and they couldnt find my doctor
another doctor i knew was on call so she came in said that the spinal tap man is going to take me away and that my husband needed to put the scrubs on… that was it after 2 hours of nothing we figured i wouls just be going home so that was a huge terrifying suprise, well like she said the doctir man came in took me aaway and put in the spinal (ouch) and they got started it was sooooo funny my husband came in and told me not to talk i was so drugged up that  i said ok he was like no dont talk i said ok again
he was freaking out, i didnt understand why he was teeling me not to talk when the doctors all were asking me questions and having me ANSWER them
at one point my husband almost lost his mind i started to breath really funny it wsnt anything the morfine was just kicking in, when they finally got my son out i saw him for about 2 minutes and they took him away with my husband, that was the last time i saw him in over 2 days, what hapened was he went to the nursary and started breathing hard and fast so they hooked him onto a ventalater in the nicu i had no idea what was going on, well the first time i was able to get out of the bed by my self i went down to the nicu and they told me i couldnt see my son because he had had a numathorax (he popped a hole in his left lung)
i had a panic attack scared the hell out of my husband when i woke him up sobbing, aardel was in the nicu for almost 4 weeks he is fine now the only thing that is evidence that he went to the nicu other than pictures is the little scar on his left side, oh and that he is still smaller than the other babies but he is so smart and sooooo happy.
sorry this was soooooo long thank you for reading

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