Okay….So ever since I found out I am pregnant *it was only like five days ago lol* But ever since then I have been asking my parents what they thought about my boyfriend Chris…I already kinda knew what the answers were gonna be though 🙁 They ovbiously dont like him…But when my mom called me this morning somehow we got on the topic of Chris….and she said one of the most hurtful things ever ….She said she wished I would love anybody but Chris…Gosh I jsut wanna cry…she doesnt even know I am pregnant yet….I dont know what to do…Like I can get through the fact that she doesnt like him..But it sounds like she just really HATES him..I dont get it…She told me she thinks I picked a relationship that I deep down know is gonna fail…Whats up with that lol…I dont know how she is gonna deal with me being pregnant with his child…But I guess she will just have to get over it…I hate saying that or even thinking it but its gonna have to happen. I really do love Chris sooooooo much! I wish she could go back to trying to like him like she said she was gonna do a while back…now it feels as if she has jsut given up….Sheesh its gonna be intense in that delivery room lol…..