well floyd and i been 2gether for 8months and dats a long time 4 me, and my roommate chelsea hooked me up with joe.

the thing bout me is dat i love floyd, but she thinks dat i broke up with floyd and she doesn't want me to break up with joe. Well….. i thought that i had feelings for joe, but turns out…… i don't think i do. When im with joe, everythings different, he treats me so much better than floyd treats me. But…. i know dat looks doesn't matter, but joe aint really my type… hes too much for me. if only u kno how picky iam wit it comes to mah boyfriend.

I guess its cuz im used to dating black boys. I can't tell joe dat i love another man, and i don't want to break his heart cuz he already has so much feelings.  I dunno wat to do……

so if anyone has any advice for me plez let me kno