Alright, so I know that people make mistakes. But are they not suppose to learn from them? I always thought I did good by not repeating the same mistake twice. I always learned. I have made this mistake once before but I didn’t end up dealing with it. I had unprotected sex once before and i did it because I believed the guy loved me and we would be together forever. Let me tell you, that was a mistake. I recently did the same thing again. Because once again I thought I would be with the guy forever. Boy, was I wrong. I have never been so upset with myself as to the day he left me. So, he left and we were done. Then a couple weeks ago, my period came. 3 days late and it was very light and only stayed for two days. I have never had a delayed period and its always normal-never light, and it always lasts 5-6 days. I started birth control the day after I had unprotected sex…and am now wondering if I’m pregnant. I know it’s not the birth control because I was on it once before and nothing happened. I’ve been crampy and nauseas for the past two weeks. I’m getting even more nervous since my period mishap. I don’t know what to do…and if I am how do i tell the dad? What about my family?? :'(