I thought I would take a moment for those teens wondering if they will be good parents or should they have a baby and ask you this question- Are you ready for the emotions that come with having a baby? Forget all theworry about money and food (these are very important as well) and think about the impact that a child will bring on your life. When I had my first daughter I really just thought I would walk in and a baby would pop out. After a very very very long and exhausting labor I finally gave birth to a beautiful 7p 7oz baby girl and when they showed her to me she was blue. No crying- just arms flailing in the air. She had the cord around her neck twice. In that moment -it was only a few seconds-I felt an instant connection with another soul so profound that I could hardly breathe. It was as if I could feel her fear, I could feel her pain. Long story is they cut the cord she was fine and when they handed her to me I could feel her imense joy sail through my heart. Now she is two and the first time I had to punish her I cried harder than she did- just because I felt like such a bully for hurting her feelings. No one tells you how much you can love a child. How even when they are driving you insane you just melt at the sound of their voices, you want to get away from them but the minute you leave you don’t stop thinking of them. I can’t sleep sometimes wondering how they are going to turn out at 18. That’s like 16 years from now. I can’t bear the thought of something happening to them. Believe me there were times when I had to lock myself in the closet for wanting to loose it with my kids, but I made it through. You CAN do it if you are willing to. It’s just a long term emotional commitment- and it’s FOREVER!!!