I'm 42 and have 2 kids, 12 & 18.I'm going through a very hurtfull seperation. I met a guy of 24 ( my brother's girlfriend's brother). He was so kind and nice and gentle and I fell so hard for him. I found out last week that I was pregnant and tried to phone him. Then I sms'ed him. No reply. Before I found out he made it clear that he did not feel about me as I felt about him. It hurt as I could not think how you can show such affection and sleep with someone and you dont feel anything!! To be stupid and gullible at 42 is rather bad!I preached safe sex to my daughter and if she falls pregnant she's stupid but here it happens to me who should know better. Stupid, stupid!At last he sms'ed me back to tell me I'm not alone in this thing but when I phone him he does not pick up his cell. Sms'ed me to tell me his busy the whole weekend and whe can talk calmly on Monday and decide what to do.

I thought my husband hurt me when he moved out but it is nothing compared to this. What should I do? I do not believe in abortion but I KNOW this is what he wants.On the other hand how will I provide for a baby on my own?My daughter is going to University next year and how will I explain this pregnancy to any one?? I'm so lost?

Can you please give me some advise?