the worst happend.  on Nov 23 i had a miscarrage.  i was so ready to be a mom, i wanted my baby so badly. i had names.
girl and boy.
Sanity Shawden Williams-Norton
Cory Shawden Williams-Norton.

i had a little yellow sleeper that said ‘i love my daddy’..
Curtis liked that.. even though he was the one who wanted me to get an abortion.
He said if i wanted, we could try agian.
i’m still thinking, i want to be a mommy so badly.
it was only 3 days after i told my mom. she ws happy.She was going to help. she wanted to be a Grandma…
My little Angle is up in space, once agian, a little soul, looking for body… for now, i’ll miss u, i still love u. no mater what. u will always be my first baby. i love u sweetie <3 when ur ready, come back to mommy…