It’s the worst feeling inthe world.
Knowing your baby isent there, that you will never hold him or her.
Knowing you might have been able to stop it.
I Miss You so much my little angle.
I know it could be for the best.
I wasent ready for you, you werent ready.
I even had names..,
Cory Shawden Williams-Norton for a boy.
Sanity Shawden Williams-Norton for a girl..
i had a little yellow sleeper that said ‘i love my daddy.’
i think thats what got u to change ur mind. you were excited to to be a daddy, i know u said we can try agian.. But that little baby will always be my first.. another baby wont take the place. even though i want to be a mommy so badly..
But for now my little angel, your in space, a soul just looking for a body.
just remember to come back to mommy.
i will always love you. <3