So. In January I lost my 2nd baby. I took a slight break from the SUG network. and, I got a new love, Tim. and I moved out, and tried life on my own. I was doing SO GOOD. I even got my period in April… I have a fertile body, so it doesnt take much for me to gett pregnant. Okay. so I turned 18 April 21st, and I have been doing great. I broke up with Tim over me wanting to go to Washington. This saturday, I’m going to Washington. Catch… I’m 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. it’s a fight. all of it. I’m so lost!!! I think everyday.. I’m 18, and if everything worked… i’d be a mom of 3. i really hope i can carry a healthy baby full term. til then, i’ll float in the sea of uncertainty. <3