I was in high school my senior year when i find out i was pregnant , it was such a shocker , i couldnt believe it . I told my boyfriend he was so scared , we didnt know what to do or where to turn , we were still in school we had a future ahead of us . Our parents would be devastrated by our actions , especially his they expected so much of him .

My first reaction was im keeping my baby i cant do this i cant take a innocent childs life away , but after thinking for a while about my future and everything in my life , I brought up the courage to tell my mom about it cause i felt so confused and lost , to my surprise to was actually so supportive i would have never ever thought she would be . A couple of days passed and i continue to talk to my boyfriend and get his opinion and think about it for a couple of more days , but I came to the conclusion I had to have a abortion.

My sister was the greatest she supported me through it all , she went with me to the clinic , just walking in there you feel an uneasy presents , the nurse ask me what was I coming in for and I told her an abortion , she had this look on her face I will never forget . I got into the room so they could take a ultrasound and they nurse told me I was 14 weeks , I seen my unborn child and my heart dropped , I couldnt speak or think I just teared . I cried that whole night into the next day which was the day of the actual abortion .

That was the day I would never forget and the day my soul would be torn forever . Me and my mom got to the clinic , I was having second thoughts I didnt know what to think , I was so frightened . The took me to a room , told me to change into the gown , the doctor came in and begin with the abortion . When I woke up I felt empty like something had been lost and i couldnt find it no more , and that was my baby .

To this day I have so many regrets cause I should have listen to my heart instead of being scared , so really what Im tryna say is , Think long and hard about what you gonna do cause your past always follows into your future ……

By : Valerie Marie