Julia here. It’s been a while since I have had access to my laptop… alone. It’s been a difficult few days here in… (in Julia’s house) I won’t get into the messy details because nobody likes those. Well… I will share a few otherwise, what’s the point of writing right? Well, my daughter, my beautiful beautiful beautiful (I could go on) daughter picked up a bug from school and ended up in the hospital which was beyond terrifying. Then my mother, who I worship, well she too found her way in the hospital the very next day. My father, the stable rock he’s been my whole life… well he LOST IT. The time I need him the most, lost it. Anyway, long story short, I felt as though my world was falling down around me and there was no one. I read something awhile ago, we come into life alone and we leave life alone, that is why we cling onto those we have around us so tightly. 

Both mom and daughter are still in hospital but are doing well.