Now I’m 36 weeks&3 days(: I’m done with that terrible UTI&Doing amazing.

I went to my doctor a few days ago&she went to feel for his head, but had to keep lowering her hands! Hes WAY down there&Inching out! haha.

Thomas is still at his job which is awesome(: He has his first night of night shift tonight! He kept himself up ALL night last night(with the aid of a friend til he came home at 2 a.m and woke me up >:() and went to bed at 7a.m. He finally woke up around four p.m, and left at 6 p.m. Hell be back around 7 a.m then the same thing for two more nights. I’ll barely get to see him this week(sleep,work,sleep,work.. we’re on different schedules) but he’s bringing home the bacon so its okay<3

My schooling is going awesome(: I hope to be finished and graduated before June or sooner! Then I can get my adult ed. classes for college out of the way before I start college. I have to take a math, science and a couple englishes because I didn’t get to finish or take them at public&the school I’m at doesn’t make you do them. But whatever(:

Thomas is a man with plan now about a house for us… not apartment, house. His mother has extra land and he calculated it all out&he wants to put in all the septic&electric&water stuff&stick a trailer on it. Hahah, gotta love boys. If he makes it happen or starts to make it happen I’ll back him all the way haha(: The money from having a union job is getting to his head (: But its okay.

Due to Thomas’ night shifts and him having to sleep during the day, I’m cleaning out my brothers room&turning it into a “guest room”. So I can stay in there with Trace when Thomas is trying to sleep during the day… Then his crying woke wake up his sleepy daddy&vice versa. And my dad stays in there when his girlfriend stays over,( yeah they sleep in diff rooms… shes weird)So it’ll be nice to have another room. It has to be cleaned completely&filled with mouse traps&painted before anyone can stay in there. I plan to get all that done before I go into labor. 

I’m so happy with life right now(: Its just amazing. I got a bassinet and put it together all by myself(: SO proud. I have a little storage basket on the  underneath part with diapers, wipes, baby power and all that butt stuff&An extra package of diapers and wipes. 

Okay, This is long&i wanna watch me some south park.(: