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Dear Becky —

I am from South Africa and when I was pregnant I discovered your website and Becky it’s a stunning website, I would like to share my own true story with all the girls across the world, and may be it will help them with decisions They need to make.


I was 17 also in my matric year, when i met my boyfriend he was sweet and truly everything that you are looking for in a gorgeous hunk your knees melt ect. well to cut it short my mom hated and disliked my boyfriend alot he was 24 years old and well they didnt get along at all, anyway well I fell pregnant on 21 July 2006, I was stunned, shocked and thought I was to young but in my back mind I knew this was what I wanted but when reality kicked in I didn’t want it, anyway I told my mom and she freaked and said I must get an abortion, that truly hurted me because my mom was also young when she got me and she wasn’t married so I had a lot of burden in my heart.

Well my boyfriend was happy, my dad was really angry about the whole story and he arranged me a abortion on the 2 September 2006, eventually both my Parent forced me in an abortion and the day of the abortion I went on an abortion web site and saw little bodies on coins, that was all babies on coins, small not even developed properly, they all were aborted babies that’s when I truly decided I m not going for an abortion, and the best thing is today I don’t regret it I gave birth to a wonderfull son the 20 april 2007 and truly he is my life and my every thing every time he smiles at me my heart fills up with joy.

Me and his father is still together, and sometimes we fight but that is so normal, one thing I can say is relationships isn’t easy, especially when you are really young and you have a lot responsibilities I am now 19 and my son is turning 1 years old I don’t regret any of my choices that I have made but one message that I want to sent out to girls is when you do grown up things you must be grown up enough to take up the responsibilities, reality is I didn’t have a normal teenage life like going to parties, drinking or doing what ever teenagers are doing, reality is I change nappies feed my baby and I cant go out, work the whole day for money, but that is the way I chose and I don’t regret it if you want it to work you can make it work t!

Trust in God and he will show you the way, abortion is not the answer to solve your problem its sin and you are killing your own blood and flesh something that God gave to you, your little creation, your little angel, I know its hard and you have a future to think about but think about this now you need to change your future and picture it with an lovely gift from God your little Angel, knowing you will protect him or her, you wont ever regret you decision,


Thanks Tiffany From South Africa


Dearest Tiffany – hi, my name is Lisa and I help Becky at the Stand Up Girl website with some of her e-mails.

I just love your “Little Angels” story! I think your story will touch the hearts of thousands of girls!

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so proud of you being a Stand Up Girl! I know it must have been difficult – but you chose wisely and now you see how wonderful that choice for life is. A beautiful, bundle of joy!

Thank you for sharing and for being a Stand Up Girl!

Luv Lisa – .