I was 17 when i found out i was pregnant. to my boyfriend of 2 years. I trusted him with my life.When i told him he said he would support any chocie i made.so then a week later i told my mum and dad who told hes parents cos he was to scared to. once they found out they tried to force me to have an abortion.They said what ever they could to make me get rid of it. they even told me if i have the baby you will never see your boyfriend again so they really gave me a chocie between the baby or him. I though so hard about it and i wasnt going to murder my own baby. they made my life hell. they said they wanted no part what so ever it made me feel soo sad

my boyfriend was on hes family side. he tried everything to. he told me that i would be an unfit mother. and that having an abortion would be the easy way out…maybe for him… he said to me you just gotta do it. then it will all be over just walk in there and close your eyes i will be there holding your hand.i think he just wanted to be there so i wouldnt freak out and leave. but i wasnt going to go. hes mother made me appoiments to get it done when i didnt even want to. they said mean things to me they made my life hell i cryed every night my mum would have to sleep beside me he wouldnt leave me alone he called me every night telling me its for the best

i wasnt gunna get sucked in by them. all i did was think about my baby they tried to blackmail me they made me feel so stressed and sad i couldnt belive them after knowing them for 2 years they seemed like the nicest people i got along with them heaps well. now i know who to trust and dont belive everything u hear.they called up and had fight with my parents telling them how much of bad parents they were for letting me keep it my family is agaist abortion but they said tey support me any way.

now iam 4 months and going ok my boyfriends parents want a part in its life now. i think they were saying all that stuff just so i would get rid of it they didnt think i was gunna keep it i proved them worng and iam soo happy i didnt listen to them

i listened to my heart and i did it for my baby. My boyfriends still mad at me for keeping it.but i know it will all work out in the end i just belive in my self and i think of the joy this baby will bring not the pain of an abortion. my family and friends have been great support 

i help my story helped any one who is getting forced to do something they dont want please do what YOU want not what they want Rember your the one who will live with whatever you choose