its weird ya know one day everthings fine and u wake up and you find out some huge news. from then on you know it’ll either be for the better or for the worst. I tried to make my decision based on trust you know I trusted my bf to be there for me bcuz he always has but now he cant. No doubt he would be here if he could. We really loved eachother no matter what anyone sats we were going to make it. I miss him a lot and i know he’s a great father,  but I made my decision depending on others now i know I cant depend on anyone but myself just like my baby has to depend on me. i have my mom and I’m thankful for that but now my baby has no father because of her decision that controls me and my babys’ life. I know what its like to see everyone at school with a mothe and dad something you didnt know you were even suppose to have and it hurts. I just dont want my child to feel that pain o grow up with hate for its dad when I know he wouldve been here.  At first I hated the thought of a baby but then i knew it was gods’ gift to me someone as little as a baby to love me, and help me take more responsibility its a gift not a curse its a baby