my name is ciara and im pregnant my mom doesnt now but neither my dad he has dobts thow kus he buys me bigger clothes and more healthy food. im hawian and black and my moms mom is japanese. so im in a mix. my boyfriends black / white so.. i told my closets friends and my grandmother. im only 5 and i half months and its good so far since im build body like with a shape and flat stomach it shows a lot at school (at school) yea but at home im always wrapped ina blanket and when we got out im in my boyfriends big jacket .. people no at school naw which is okay for me because everyones supportive even my enemies became my friend! i live with my gma naw i currently moveed bekuz i really start showing i still do a lot of things u used to but not as much its a GIRL and her name is Seyiria Jaylee Johnson (se-i-re-uh) thats how its pronounced my gma tells me to tell me parnets but noone can tell me wat to do about this because its my bby and child.wen i moved out i pulled a stunt i pretend to go a little crazy and said im better off with my gma so i just packed and moved.i attend the same school and peoples are even more supportive i already had a bby shower my best friend couldnt wait(idk y she reall doesnt know anything)so i had everything it was fun plus i like like 2 big ballons. i havent seen my parent in 2 months kus i made up lies saying i was gone everytime they called to go somewere. im going to to call them as i rite …..wait…okay they say they new already because they know there daughter plus i faked my cycles a little to short out of time.what am i to do my bf doesnt even look at a girl in the wrong way he had a talk with his siter she told me. he said if he have to prove hell never cheat hell be gay. he said he never wants to leave me exspecially not naw that im with child. he doesnt care it the bby name was sdiofudfshg long as she had us to love and care for im.. my mom just txted me! she wanta me to move back in my 8th month wen she throws my bby shower plus ill give my gma a break becase she does everything.i huess ill be happy i havent cryed or frowed since 5 monthes ago wen i discovered i was pregnant! can ANYONE GIVE ADVICE