December 28th 2008.

I hope somebodys reading this. somebody who needs it. somebody who just doesnt know what to do, or what to think.

Life, is about choices. At 16 I made a very big choice. I chose to keep the most beautiful gift Id ever bin given. She was born in August on a Beautiful day, I still can remember the first time she looked up at me, after 9 mths of helping me smile when i was sad.Just by her kicks my hand to my stomach ; She looked at me, I looked at her with the most happy tears ive ever cried in  my life, that was it that was a miracle, she was beyond perfect beautiful dark hair, blue eyes and 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, I couldnt believe it, she was here all mine noone elses mine. I created such a beautiful person, 9 mths I watched and waited anxiously as she grew into this beautiful person I finally got to hold in my arms. Now at 2 as I sit here writing this, shes running around full of life, laughter the best sound , the best sight ive ever seen and heard is her smile, and her voice.

To all of those who supported me I thank you, and for those who doubted me I thank you to.

P.S. Ill Like You Forever, Ill Love You For Always, Forever and always My Baby You'll Be*<3