Hi my names Kerry and i’m 26 years old…I am always anxious bout the unknown and i have this need to do well @ everything… work ,varsity….and it has made me develop into this career controlling person however putting a bit of a damper or should I say slow social side….Anyways what I’m writing about is probably very sinicle seen that i am 26 years old…I am in a relationship with a guy a simply adore and recently we had sex for the first time… i have been on the pill for a long time before and we for our first time used a condem as I am one to always wanna be over cautious bout everything…However since then I have been
 driving myself into agony wondering if i was responsible enough as the last thing I want to do is fall pregnant>>yes I’m a bit of a late bloomer and don’t know much bout sex…However I took it in my stride to google for as much info as possible and I was amazed by all the mixed info I have received….Is it possible for me to still fall pregnant after taking two kinds of precautionary measures?I have been having cramps and all this funny feelings since them…Could it be I’m over analizing??I thought i was ready by preparing myself with precautionary measures but now i just feel a bit stupid being 26 and not knowing much..I have amazing friends I’m sure I could ask but speaking to strangers are sometimes easier and much more comforting

any feedback on my concern bout pregnancy will be much appreciated
thanks in advance