So my life has been some what hectic this past year or at least it seems.  April 2011 i had my first miscarriage at the age of 18, not completely sure what caused it, but i think it was due to the “typical” teenage thing and drank. I got threw that a lot better than i thought i would and could. I stop seeing that guy for about a month, in may went on birth control and ended up pregnant, but i didn’t know till i miscarried in july,end of july i started dating an old school friend/ bestfriend and thing were great and i still love him, and i am happy for him(with life and relationships) i had plans to move in with him, but that all got cancelled. He got kicked out, and was busy and we fought more and more. So we mutually decided it was better that we weren’t together at that time.  it took time but by christmas i was ready to see some one else. That got sticky quickly, because of the guys brother it  made me angry.

In January i got back with my angel babies father, and i thought i was pregnant that month, but i wasn’t. The next month, same thing happened around Valentines day, and i’ve gotten a faintly positive pregnancy test, and i have symptoms. and currently not with him, and don’t have plans on getting back with him. That is where i am in my life right now.