Its funny how life turs out, one day you are mommys  & daddys lil gal and the next you all just dont agree on anything and everything. Its amazing how one can have two hearts and when the weight of the world is on thier shoulders manages to keep them beating as one. I just wonder how life would have turned out if i have’t  given in to pressure but hey life has a design and its eitha you follow the pattern or you lose out. I choose not to lose out anymore coz my design was spread out wide and i came across everyone here.
This site is like a home away from home,a pealer of strength,a mother. you can be sure that if you come here with a question it will be answred, and even when you feel lost you will surely find your way. I can remember the 1st time i came a cross this site i was drownig in  misary and sorrow i got more than what i came here for i got friends people who can relate to what i was feeling.
Today i can say im healed from all the heartache and sorrow i feel im  a new person who embrace life and its gifts.