Dear Baby Bear,

I know you cannot understand the words i am writing or why i am so far away.  I can only hope that someday you will.  I have been trying so hard to get better.  Then we can be together again.  I remember the day you were born and holding you.  It was like i was holding my own little piece of  heaven in my arms. & nbsp;You are my hero and my true miracle.  I will never forget your first smile, your first words, or first steps.  You have allways been my little angel and you have given my the power to feel true love, the kind that will never die.  I will never forget how scared i was when you got so sick and i allmast lost you to god.  I promised you i would take care of you, but i failed.  Not long after, you were diagnosed with yet another disease.  We stayed so strong.  I did everything I could to do what i was supposed to.  You were chosen, my dear sweet angel.  It is said that what hurts us makes us stronger.  You are destined to be great and do great things.  You have allready begun to do so, with your smile, you have completely changed my world.  You have taken about my tears just by being you.  Your family loves you so much, keep being strong and fighting for us.  Pull out all of the stops and never give up.  Show the world who you are inside and who you can be.  I miss you so much.  There is a void in my heart and in my life, without you.  We will together again, I hope very soon.  Until then, remember that I love you more than anything else and I always will.