Life has never been easy for me. Growing up in a family that was destine to fall apart. Last september i found out i was eight weeks pregnant. I knew i would, nor could, give up the baby. I had to think fast. Telling my boyfriend was the easy part. Telling my daddy was the part that made me wanna throw up just thinking about. When it came time where i had to tell him i had my aunt and boyfriend come with me. When i finally gathered up enough nerve to tell him he actually took it well. I mean of coarse he was disappointed but he saw it as, “Well its done.. What can i do about i?”
As the pregnancy progressed things got better. People started accepting the fact that i was gonna have a baby. I think it might of even made my life better, believe it or not. Now i have a beautiful daughter, Kylie Renee Andrews, that reminds me everyday what i have to live for.
I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that being a teen mom is a walk in the park because i would be lying.. But it does give you a reason to smile everyday. Holding in your arms a little part of you that no one can take away from you (Except DHR but you gotta give them reason to).
So the reason for posting this is because i wanna hear how it was and is for other teen moms.