So; not only did I see James(the father of my baby last night and my current boyfriend) but my baby kicked!!! It wasn’t strong, but James’s father came to tell us it was dinner and he banged on the door. James and I were cuddling and he had his arm on my stomach. When his dad banged on the door(as a joke) it didn’t scare me…but there was a huge kick against my stomach..James’s face was filled with amazement and shock. It was like the baby became real right then…it was amazing. I started crying and he started rubbing my belly telling the baby that “it was ok, cause it was just grandpa calling us for dinner.” And then he asked whether or not I was hungry…of course the baby started kicking. We talked the rest of the night to eachother and to the baby. just asking it to kick for mommy and daddy. Each time taking separate turns to see if the baby would kick. To just make sure it was real. Then James did the most out-of-the-blue thing ever!!!! He got on one knee and proposed!!!!!  The ring is gorgeous!!! Before I said yes I had to make sure that he wasn’t asking me just cause I was pregnant. His response was simple- ” I’m proposing because I want to be with you. I wasn’t gonna propose till a couple days before I left for college-this baby just pushing the engagement forward. Is that ok?? I want you to be mine…no matter the choice I make. And now we’ll have the baby with us.” I was crying the entire time…and of course I said YES!!!!!!   I can’t believe I’m engaged!!!  And pregnant. The baby and I have been up most of the night cause I couldn’t sleep but the baby was just moving so much. Guess I gotta get use to it.   Yay for me!!!