ok so the night before i had the baby sep 11 i could not sleep i kept getting period cramps and i just felt so uncofterble..i was 37w6d…when i finally got up  september 12 around 7 in the morning i felt i big gush and out came my water..i was shoked and surprice because i was wonderign when it would occur and i was thinking it would never happen and i would be prego forever lol anyways i got dressed called my mom and my bf and told them to head to the hospital cuz i was going into labor…i was so scared i walked to the hospital since i live 2 blocks away mean while water is dripping non stop  down my leg….i get admitted around 8am…the doc checks me and im 70% effaced 1/2 cm dialated im like oo no ill be here forever..anyways contractions were coming evrey 5 mins but werent bad at all….around 12 i get checked and im 80% effaced 1cm dialated since its going by so slow they put gave me medication to help me dialate…around 5pm they check me and im 100% effaced 3cm dialated and the pain is soooo frikin bad im like the exorcist at this point i kept getting alot of pressure down there and i kept thinkin i needed to poop lol but nothing of course came out….i beg for an epidural…i finally get one at 6 pm and im so relaxed and i fall asleep..i wake up 2 hours later at 8pm and i get this really strong pressure down there and some pain so i tell them i REALLY need to push so they check me and to everyones surprice im 10cm dialated!! yaiihhh so they set everything up and tell me to push…i litterally pushed for about 10 mins and she came out…it was the best experience ever to finally hold her and see her..the first thing i said to her was FINALLY! lol well girls thats it for now :O) im enjoying my little princess shes a month old today how time flies :O)