Hi lovies, im lou this is my get to know me blog 🙂

About me

Name: Lynsey-Louise (Lou for short)

Age: 18

Location: Cheshire, UK

Occupation: Looking for a job, just left college, starting a night course in beauty.

Short Personal Description: Lou, my family is my world theres only the three of us,

me, mum, and dad. I’d be nowhere without them. Im a girly girl at heart but very down to earth, grew up a little to fast, wise for my years. Had alot go on in my life that i’ve had to deal with, so my friends use me as an agony aunt i tend to deal out decent advice i hope. I have one love in my life and her name is Suzuki Ellen, she is my beautiful god sister, shes about to turn ten, millenium baby, Id do anything for her:)



Hobbies: Spending time with family, going out with friends, shopping, reading, fashion, photography, PC.
Color: Black 
Food: Italian
Hang-out: My house, the pub on occasion, my friends
Music: I range alot, r&b to dance to rock
Books: Twilight saga….to many really im a bit of a geek
Movies: Comedy, Action, Romance
TV Shows: Scrubs, Hollyoaks, Friends, Waking the dead, E4 mainly! Authors: A few
Cartoon Character: Tigger

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Italy
Most Influential Person in Your Life: My dad
Greatest Ambition: Live a happy comfortable life, with a beautiful happy family, get somewhere with a good job.
Biggest Achievement: not sure yet
Grandest Wish: My family to have the best life possible and to be happy.
What You Can’t Live Without : My family

If you want to know anymore, or just want to chat ask for my msn i’ll be happy to have a natter :)x