OH MY GOD. I’ve never been sooooo impatient in my life!!

I’m 39 weeks tomorrow and dying to go into labor already. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow&Hopefully they check my cervix! They still haven’t yet… If I’m dialated or effaced at all I’m going to walk a million miles and drive on a really bumpy road! I’m pretty much desperate to get him out…

As for my Christmas… Guess who got engaged(: Meeeeeee!!!! Hehe. No, he didn’t get down on one knee like in a fairy tale. It went like this: Christmas morning, we had gotten eachother one thing and it was under the tree at my dads. I got him a big huge thing of gum(I had gotten him a tattoo days prior)and he got me a pillow&Blanket… After we opened those we went to my moms house. We opened the stuff ‘Santa'(my mom)had gotten us. Then I went on my merry way decorating the cookies I made the day before… After a few minutes my mom brings me a box, all wrapped up… I opened it and it was a bra. Hahaha thank you darling. Then I continue with my cookies. Then I get ANOTHER box, this one was a hallmark one all wrapped up. I opened it had a little white box in it… In it was a diamond turtle necklace(: I peeked in the bo and saw the turtle then closed it and said ‘No! its too much!” After a few minutes of refusal I pouted&Put it on. Aftet that, totally in the zone of cookie decorating, Thomas and my mom bring out ANOTHER box. Gosh guys… In this box there was another white box all wrapped up. I peeked in the box and it was a freaking ring!! I closed it and set it on the counter, I said no way, not taking it. Its a ring!!!!” I don’t handle big gifts well….. After more minutes and arguing, i opened it up and put it on. I hugged Thomas and I guess he was going to say “So will you marry me?” But I intterupted him at “So will you…..” “SO will I what?!!?” “Marry me!” *Grabs the counter*”Omg, WHAAAT?!!?!?” hahahah. I said yes of course, but when i get surprised it the funniest thing eveeeer.

So that was my great highlight of my holiday.

I’m stilll awaiting labor… grrr.