By my user name anyone can tell that I am full of guilt. I recently met this guy a couple of months ago and he trully is a great guy but…..


We had some problems with him being over bearing and kind of controling. I tried to drop little hints to him about his actions but he just wasn't getting the point I was trying to make. We then one night got into a heated arguement and he tried to confine me in the bedroom (so we could talk which at that point was not happening for me) he squessed me so hard he bruised my rib. I'm not a stupid girl but by no means do I think he really meant to hurt me. We talked and worked things out blah blah blah.The things I told jim i was looking for and needed he said he was and could be.



After about a week with little to no change. I started looking for a way out. Instead of talking to him again i started looking for a way out. A friend who is my best guy friend asked me to go hang out with him. I didn't hesitate this was no diffrent than any other time or was it? We hung out and ended up at his house talking about our relationships one thing led to another and we had sex.


I went home as if nothing had happend. (my boyfriend lives with me) I told myself I wasn't going to tell him I was looking to get out anyway. WEll that didn't happen we ended up talking and things started changing in our relationship for the better. But still i wasn't going to tell him I had been unfaithful.


Our relationship has been going a lot better. Until now i haven't given the unfaithful night a thought but now I am 2 and a half weeks late on my period. I don't want to take a test but I know i need to find out.


Whats a girl to do I do know that cheating was wrong. I do know that I was wrong. But can cheating be justified. The part that scares me is if I am pregnant how do I explain?????????????