I am pregnant now, but so much stuff happend between then and now. I was with my ex-boyfriend for a year when I decided '' I had to live " with him. I ran away from home because my parents didn't accept him. I had just barely turned 17 at the time i left. I lived with him for 3 months when he started abusing me. I let it go on for another 4 months before I realized that was enough and went home. A week after I had came home I noticed I had been feeling very sick to my stomach and really tired. I told my friend I thought I may be pregnant and finally took a home pregnancy test. It was positive. I cried so much at first cause I thought " why me. " I told my parents and they were dissappointed, but they were helping me also. I feel now that I am 3 months and week into that God gave me this baby. It's almost like a lesson that I had taken my family for granted before, my mom especially, and now i realize it. My mother is my best friend now. The one thing that bothers me most is my ex. There is a restraining order on him, but I can't seem to get him out of mind. I did love him alot before and I feel that I still might. I'm very angry that he did do that to me, but I forgave him. I think alot now because I'm afraid to be a single mother, and I wish that I could give my ex another chance to change. I don't know why I care for him so much still. He tries to text my phone every so often apologizing and that he still loves me. Part of me wants to accept and the other part wants to think it's a lie because that's all it was before. Please give me some advice as to what I should do. Can a person like him change? As a soon to be mother, I want to protect my child.