It’s really insane to me that people just turn there backs especialy when they said for so long that they were always going to be there and nohing is going to end your friendship and everything. its like they say that until that day comes when you say your pregnant, and then they get mad at you and tell you your dumb and to give the baby up and things that you really dont want or need to hear and even though you feel like your doing the right thing and that you can handle whatever choice you make. you really cant. i would never give my baby up, and its like yes im young and i dont have everything figured out yet. but i will do what i have or need to for my baby, and no one is going to change my mind, yes i have my families and my boyfriends families support and there all excited and cant wait. i still feel alone, i mean i know that some of them have been in my shoes and they know what im going through and everything, but i still feel like the world is leaving me behind, shuting me out, you know?
its insane to know you have a baby growing inside you and depending on you, wondering if its a boy or girl who there going to act like, whose personality there going to have,,,

im writing this because its a mixture of my feelings and thoughts, i want girls that are going through what i am with all the feelings of being alone and everything that there are people out there like you and your not alone, yes its hard to feel like its going to be okay even with all the support in the world, you just have to have  give yourself more credit. your going to be a great mother no matter what age you are when you become a mother,
just keep your head up and keep fighting, no one can tell you what to do. your the one that holds all the power. if anyone needs to talk, you can add me on here and write on my wall or ask for my email or facebook.
just remember no matter what you are not and will never be alone,