I am 38 weeks and 1 day right now! 13 more days to go!! (: If you want to come early Dallas that’s quite alright too!! (: Me and daddy are so excited to meet our little bundle of joy. <3

I am going to school every other day right now because everyday is way too hard for me. I am still catching up with school work and I am not falling behind so all is good (: I have an exam on Tuesday for Civics since half the semester we do Civics then move on to Career Studies. Starting the 17th is when my home schooling starts though. A teacher will be coming to my house twice a week, both an hour and a half.

My doctors appointments have been good, and everything seems to be going well. (: Everyone thinks Dallas is going to come early, and I have a feeling he will too.. So I hope so! <3

I have everything ready pretty much. My mom is just going to take some things to my grandpas to store there until we need it, like the high chair, exercoser, jolly jumper, bigger clothes, and stuff like that. Once that is out of my room, I will be getting another book shelf in here so I can put more of Dallas’ things in it since I am running out of room in my room! Lol. All of his washed clothes and things are in his crib right now, lol. Thankfully soon I can have my room all cleaned up, tidy, and ready to go for when Dallas arrives. (:

I am nervous for birth. To be honest I am scared about tearing and the healing after that. And about pooping D: ughh, lol. But I guess all I can hope for is the best, and my biggest wish is that Dallas is a happy healthy baby like never seen before. (:

Today I am going to go see Paranormal Activity 3 with my boyfriend, and tomorrow he shall be coming here.

Hope everyone’s doing well and your weekend goes good!

See ya!