hey my names ash im 19 n im 3months and 2weeks pregnant this will be my first child… i didnt know where else to go i didnt know wot im sposed to do..  i had 2 express myself and i hav no1 i can talk 2.. i found out i was preggas at 2 and a half months as soon as i found i tryed 2 get myself registered with a doctor so i could get a abortion bt no doctor wud take me on as a patient this is my  problem.. im trying so hard 2 b positive bwt this as it isnt the babys fault bt i feel so alone and abandoned.. the person who i thort was the father dissowned me and shacked up with anuther pregnant chick.. bt l8er found out it was my friends baby hes told me tht he has a 5year plan and it doesnt involve me or a baby.. im starting to think bout adoption cause i dont think i could love this baby i had a scan the other week and all i could do was cry and had 2 leave the room it upset me so much to know it was really there and i was gunna b mom. i know wot my family wud think of me and they wudnt support me having a baby its always been just me and the world and now its me a baby and the world. i cant even look after myself… i feel so low and lost my spirit.. ive thort about the end of my life as tht is how far down i am.. im in conselling bt its not helping.. i try 2 talk 2 friends bt they just dont get wot its like..  wot have i done??