im finding myslef in that place where i know what i want in life and i want it so passionately that i have no clue what to do. i want kids and its a feeling and desire that wont ever go away until that chance comes along. i hate saying it because i know how people are about it but ive had teens ask me advice about it before and i feel like if you think you can do it then prove the world wrong but know its going to be hard. and i know i can raise a baby even though, im 18yrs old. i know it will be hard but im prepared. i would adopt and be a single parent right now if i could but of course people want a family, a mom and dad that can raise a baby together not an 18yr old who wants to love and give a child the world. its gone through my head a million times over how i would love to adopt or have custody even if its just for a little while. i know i could do it. im taking a yr off school because its not something i comepletely want right now. if anything, take a few classes online just so i dont loose habit.  focusiing on me the past few months has made me realize so much and its hard being who you are when it seems the world is against you.