I was a teen mom.  I left home 2 days after I turned 17.   Left with my boy friend~ who was 4 years older then me.  My boyfriend & I lived in a car for a few weeks.  Getting to school was hard.
He had friends who were getting there girlfriends pregnant or already had  kids, so we decide we wanted to have a baby too.  I did get pregnant.  I quit making it to school all together.  We moved into a house with friends.  It wasn’t a home but a party house.
We didn’t stay there to long before he was put in jail.  When he left I moved in with my grandparents.  They were very generous to me, unfortunately I didn’t appreciate it then.  This all happened in a matter of months.  It seemed like a long time but it wasn’t~ my life was completely changed within the first semester of my Junior year of high school.  By the time the second semester started, I was pregnant, living with my grandparents, my boyfriend was in jail.  I was back in school & experiencing not morning sickness but all day sickness.
My due date was in August, my boyfriend got out of jail a month or two before.  We moved into a place together.  My grandparents were upset & wanted me to stay with them.  My baby was born about a week late with no problems.  In October I started at an alternitive school & finished my senior year within 6 weeks.
Before my baby had even turned one my boyfriend & I had broke up & I was pregnant again, with no idea what I was going to do.
I had a choice to make, & it wasn’t an easy one, it would affect my life & my children’s lives.

When you are young & you know you don’t have what it takes to raise the child growing inside of you it’s scary.
We don’t talk about all the choices we have enough.  Girls are left with alot of questions.  They are mislead, they are manipulated, & corerhersed into choices they didn’t feel comfortable with.
I have been a teen mom.  I am also a birthmom who released a child through an open adoption.  I have recieved blessing & joy, as well as heartache from this descision~ but those are things that come with life.  I feel very strongly that the choice for adoption espeacially open adoption be talked about & people be educated.  If you have questions you want to ask please ask.

I’ve been a teen mom, I am a birthmom, I am a mom who has lost babies to miscarriages.
I have been there , I have experienced the pain.   I have come through it & have healed.