So I finally get the guts to tell my mom I'm pregnant after my last doctor's appointment. I told her the doc told me I was 8 weeks pregnant. She flipped out on me and now wants me to get an abortion.

 How do I tell my best friend, my mentor, and one of the very few people that truly cares about and wants what's best for me, "No." I know she is not mad at me like outraged, she is more mad in a way where she is worried for me. She "knows" I am not ready for this and she knows that I'm very sensetive but she believes it would hurt less if I got an abortion.

 She had three abortions before she had me, and it was because her husband at the time didn't want kids. She felt why would she want to have children with a man who doesn't want them. She then told me once she had me in her arms she realized why she did all of that. She said all the pain went away when she realized all those things happened so she could cherish the moment she was finally ready to have a child and give it a stable life.

I don't know what to do. I understand what she wants is what is best for me, but I don't think I can give up my baby so easily. She says it's because I'm not done with school and I can't work. Also now a days you can't trust just anybody with your baby. She let someone babysit me once besides family and the lady left me in the house with some pervert. She was of course outraged and never wanted to leave me with anyone as irresponible as that. Later on I found out that the women that was watching was the mother of my mother's best friend. So you can't even trust people you know. I just don't know how to convince that I can do it with so many negatives.

I can't ask her to help support me and my baby either, because she has a baby of her to take care of right now. So how do I support a baby with no means of funds and no way of being able to do it?